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The Approach 🍑 🚀

Our ``Peachy`` strategy

The peachy strategy focuses on highlighting to our clients the difference between a website that just sits online and one that is optimized to grow your food brand and establishment. There’s a huge difference between both. Especially in the food industry, websites are perfect to retain clients and continually engage with them over time with approaches like email marketing.

Rather than just building a website, we use a strategy to grow your food establishment. Our strategy uses a combination of services like social media, content marketing, and email marketing to stay continually engaged with your audience. Your website serves as the main tool and central piece to execute those marketing strategies.

The Reason

Why are you doing this?

We always ask our clients about their reasoning to obtain a website. The answers differ, some say because it will allow them to get more clients, show their menu online, add ordering features, etc. The truth is that all of these reasons are valid, and not only one but all of them can be met with an online solution such as a website.

But a website simply alone is not enough, there needs to be continual engagement with clients and a strategy in place to show your value. Clients have to care for your product, in this case, your restaurant or food establishment, in the most legitimate way. It’s all a process but establishing that goal from the beginning is a good foundation to succeed. Our job is to make clients and prospective clients fall in love with your establishment over and over again.

Keeping your Food Business Active

There’s a standard approach of building a website and our approach.
Our approach: We use marketing along with your website to keep your business active online. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend all day doing keyword research, sending emails or taking pictures for social media. Our Peachy strategy automates many things to keep your business active online so you can focus on the aspects of the business that matter the most.

Our Work Process

1.Branding ✉️🎨

Establishing the reason behind your business is the foundation for branding. As a food establishment, establishing those foundational reasons will lead into your identity and branding. We established this first in our Peachy strategy , which will develop into identifiable graphics and logos for your establishment.

2. Developing Online Assets (your website)🖥️📱

We’ll take what we learned from step 1 to build you a website. Our goal is to provide you with a website that not only looks beautiful and defines your brand but that also serves as a business tool to facilitate online interaction and grow massively in sales.

3. Using Marketing 🌐📈

Now that your main marketing tool is set-up, it is time to use it to make things happen.

Email Marketing: Through campaigns, you’ll stay continually engaged with your site visitors, and draw audiences. The goal is to retain those visiting your page and continually engage with them.

Text Marketing: Through text campaigns, you’ll stay continually engaged with your site visitors, and draw audiences. The open rate of text is extremely high compared to email and social media. You can bet that the end user will receive your promotional texts and read them.

Reviews Marketing: We create campaigns that focus on bettering your current review score, increasing reviews, and encouraging clients to leave reviews. This is all done with online review marketing tools and in-store review strategies.

Instagram Reels and TikTok Video: As a food establishment it is extremely important to showcase your food in online platforms such as Instagram. We’ve seen an increase in user reach, especially revolving around the food industry when using video as main content.We will do monthly reels campaigns with professional videos.We want to make sure your videos look as good as possible and showcase your business from a brand perspective. This will draw crowds and possible followers that we can engage with in the future.

Minimize Middle-Man Fees From Delivery Apps: We will create a strategy to minimize the damage that ordering apps take on your business. We understand that Doordash, and the other delivery apps take a percentage of your food orders. Depending on your business you might not need to use those delivery apps as the main delivery service. Also for in-store pickup there’s additional systems that can be installed on your site where the fees are non-existent. We work with you at figuring the best setup for your food business that in the long run will save you money.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization will allow your food business to appear in google searches for specific keywords. The goal is to rank for keywords that are related to your food offerings and establishment. This will allow you to generate more leads for your business.

Lets Work Together

You have now learned the steps into a successful food business. Implementing all of these effectively , will draw crowds into your food establishment.

If this interests you, then let’s get started.